Standards Accredited by JAS-ANZ:

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
ISO 14001:2015  Environmental Management System

Enviromental Management System ISO 14001
Responsibility for environment

Effective environmental management systems allow organisations to continuously improve operational environmental protection on their own. Prevention of risk, adherence to legal and other requirements, as well as improved environmental awareness among employees are additional aspects that offer competitive advantages and help to secure growth and success for the future. With a certificate to ISO 14001, organisations show their customers, partners, and the interested public that they have accepted responsibility for the environment, avoid environmental impacts, and focus their activities accordingly.

Benefits of certification to Environmental Management System
  1. Improved organisation of operational environmental protection
  2. Legal certainty by way of systematic identification and evaluation of laws and constraints
  3. Cost savings as a result of systematic and pro-active thought and action
  4. Improved environmental performance of the organisation, to include the environmental quality of products and services
  5. Increased confidence of customers, authorities, banks, insurance companies and the public in the organisation’s environmental performance
  6. Employee identification and motivation
  7. Enhanced image and competitive ability