Standards Accredited by JAS-ANZ:

ISO 9001:2008  Quality Management System
ISO 9001:2015  Quality Management System

Control processes – secure quality – gain competitive advantages

Quality Management as a major management task covers organized actions for the improvement of products, processes or performances.

A quality management system helps to identify opportunities and to fulfil the requirements of customers, suppliers or other interested parties. It also allows organisations to optimise their processes, while at the same time reducing costs.

Quality – especially the quality of processes and results – is and will continue to be an essential competitive factor, if not the most decisive one.

Certification of quality management systems

A certification body’s competence, professionalism and spirit of partnership contribute significantly to an organisation’s continual improvement. In order to be able to customise the assessment of a quality management system according to an organisation’s specific conditions, objectives and success factors, you first have to get to know each other. The customer then places the order for an assessment procedure based on a meaningful offer.