Use of Logos

Certification Marks shall not be applied to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.

The BCert Certification Mark is only to be used in reference to the site for which it applies and is not to be affixed directly to the product, product packaging, including outer packaging, or be used in such a way that product certification may be implied. This applies equally to the BCert Accreditation Mark.

Certification marks can be used in Product packaging. Product packaging is considered as that which can be removed without the product disintegrating or being damaged. Accompanying information is considered as separately available or easily detachable. Type labels or identification plates are considered as part of the product. The statement shall in no way imply that the product, process or service is certified by this means. The statement shall include reference to:

  • identification (e.g. brand or name) of the certified client;
  • the type of management system (e.g. quality, environment) and the applicable standard;
  • the certification body issuing the certificate.

Use of the relevant BCert Certification Mark is encouraged on internet, stationery, literature and publicity material or other documents. Use of marks shall be conforms to the following requirements.

  1. a) does not make or permit any misleading statement regarding its certification;
  2. c) does not use or permit the use of a certification document or any part thereof in a misleading manner;
  3. d) upon withdrawal of its certification, discontinues its use of all advertising matter that contains a reference to certification, as directed by the certification body (see 9.6.5);
  4. e) amends all advertising matter when the scope of certification has been reduced;
  5. f) does not allow reference to its management system certification to be used in such a way as to imply that the certification body certifies a product (including service) or process;
  6. g) does not imply that the certification applies to activities and sites that are outside the scope of certification;
  7. h) does not use its certification in such a manner that would bring the certification body and/or certification system into disrepute and lose public trust.


Similarly, the BCert Accreditation Marks  may be used by clients once certified for programs for which BCert is accredited, but only when it is accompanied by the BCert Certification Mark. When both Marks are used, they are to be proportioned such that neither Mark takes precedence over the other. When using the BCert Certification Mark on letterhead, stationery, literature or publicity material, it is to be accompanied by the Registration Number and Standard to which certification applies. Both, the BCert Certification Mark and the BCert Accreditation Mark, are available through the local BCert Office.

The BCert  and Bcert  accreditation  marks may be reproduced in a single colour to conform with existing company stationery or newspaper and magazine article colouring, however, it cannot be reproduced in a combination of colours from that specified by BCert. The Mark must also be reproduced clearly and legibly, and is not to be used in any misleading manner. Clients of Bcert  are not permitted use of the IAF MLA Mark.